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Hand-made wooden box

Hand-made wooden box



Woodblock necessary for printing Main block (front)

Woodblock necessary for printing Main block (front)

Colored block (back)

Colored block (back)

Business card (x200)

The content above makes up ONE SET (example business cards made by Edo calligrapher Tachibana Ukitsu, wood-carver Sekioka Senrei, printer Ito Tatsuya)


※Different colors available (one color (left) or two colors in gradation (right))

※The sample above is a tri-fold version since there was too much information for a bi-fold. Usually they will be created as a bi-fold card.



Content: Wooden box, woodblock, business cards (x200)

Box material: Natural hinoki (Japanese cypress)

Woodblock material: Cherry tree

Business card material: Echizen Kizuki Housho washi (Japanese paper), Japanese ink, artificial coloring

Colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink. Please choose either one or two colors. If two colors are chosen, then they will be printed in gradation (see example above)

Price: $2000?

Delivery: 2 months after order

Although a set consists of 200 business cards, it is possible to reprint them if we are given the woodblock (reprinting service from a minimum of 200 cards).

The artisans

The Mokuhan (woodblock) Business Cards are made by artisans (an Edo calligrapher, a wood-carver, and a printer) that have passed on over 400 years of tradition and craftsmanship. With their Japanese esthetic and quality materials, they are sure to leave an impression on the receiver.

ito tatsuya.png

Sekioka Senrei (wood-carver) and Ito Tatsuya (printer) who worked on the sample above.
Both are recognized as intangible cultural heritages by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

The wooden boxes are specially made for the cards by KUMICO, a brand from Ibaraki that creates furnitures and small goods using traditional woodwork. They use natural hinoki, so each box has a different texture and grain; these subtle characteristics are also what give these KUMICO boxes their charm.