Mitsui Agency International, Inc.
Yuka Mitsui (President/CEO)

Established in 2014 in Los Angeles as a group company of Mitsui Agency, a musical talent agency based in Tokyo since 1995. Mitsui Agency International focuses to act as a bridge between Japan and the United States in music and Ukiyo-e industry.

Mitsui Music, Inc.
Kensei Mitsui (President/CEO)

Established in 2006, Mitsui Music manages copyrights and master license of the singers. Mitsui Music has been producing merchandise for the artists as well as promotional novelty goods for the record companies. Contracted directly with overseas manufacturers, Mitsui Music now produces OEM jewelry for various Japanese artists’ brands as well. In 2014, started UKIYO-E PROJECT with Mitsui Agency International in Los Angeles.


?〜What is Ukiyo-e〜!

Ukiyo-e is a Japanese traditional woodblock print. Moreover, since the 18th century, "multicolor brush prints" = "Nishiki-e" has been developed, and furthermore a dramatic development has been made. It is a technique unique to Japan. 
Do not forget the existence of craftsmen that supports that technique. The craftsmen are "illustrator", "woodcarver" and "printer". An excellent "Ukiyo-e" is born when all three craftsmen's skill reaches its peak. 
A project that links this tradition from past to present and to the future is "Ukiyo-e Project". Ukiyo-e has always reflected "current era" in every age. In other words, "Ukiyo-e is a mirror reflecting the present day". Even if it is drawn as a story of a period older than today, Ukiyo-e masters have drawn it as "modern Ukiyo-e".

<Executive Director of the International Ukiyo-e Society, Shigeru Shindo>

shigeru shindo.png

Shigeru Shindo
UKIYO-E PROJECT Adviser                                              
Ukiyo-e Researcher・Ukiyo-e Connoisseur・Ukiyo-e Collector Executive Director of the International Ukiyo-e Society
Tokyo University of Science Department of Mathematics graduate (Set Theory major)
Kabuki-za Calendar- "Kabuki Egoyomi", in charge of planning, configuration and explanation on an annual basis
24th Uchiyama Award Recipient (Japan Ukiyo-e Society/ 2005/ Ukiyo-e Research)
He currently specializes in "Ukiyo-e", "Rakugo", "Kabuki", and "Japanese Mathematics", and with these as the foundation he has been promoting the empirical "Ukiyo-e Research". 


Past Exhibitions

・『Actor Portrait Prints Exhibition』
(Liquor Museum/1989)

・『Theatrical Play Toys Prints』
(Tobacco & Salt Museum・Osaka City Museum/1995)

・『Kabuki in Ukiyo-e 』
(Tobacco & Salt Museum/1996)

・『Rakugo in Ukiyo-e』
(Tobacco & Salt Museum/2001)

・『4 Year Anniversary Ukiyo-e Exhibition』
(Bato-machi Hiroshige Museum/2004)

・『Kunishige Exhibition』
(Tokyo Station Gallery/2004~2005)

・『150th Anniversary of Yokosuka Port Opening "Yokohama Ukiyo-e"』
(Yokohama Takashima-ya/2009)

・『Yoshu Chikanobu Exhibition』
(Hiraki Ukiyo-e Museum/2012)

・『Ukiyo-e Floating World』
(Mitsubishi Museum/2013)

・『150th Anniversary of Kunisada Utagawa's death』
(Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art/2014)



Ukiyo-e has always depicted "Now", and there are many stories within the artwork. Imagination expands from the bold composition, and the problem solves gradually as you understand the story. As a "Metal carver" myself, I am intrigued by the Ukiyo-e creation process.  From talking to the artisans, I am in touch by their technique, amazed, and greatly impressed by the rich expression of the woodblock prints.
I think there is "Japaneseness" condensed in "Ukiyo-e". Meticulous work, incredible endurance from the excessive amount of precise work, variety of persistency, and harmony in division of labor.
Through this Project, I would be happy to see people from around the world to feel Japan. We will be creating "Contemporary Ukiyo-e" = "Artwork depicting Now" that we will be proud of 100 years later, 200 years later in the future.

Yuka Mitsui
Mitsui Agency International