Masumi Ishikawa

1978 Born in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo
2000 Became a disciple of Master Toyokuni Utagawa VI. Due to the sudden death of Utagawa VI, he kept on pursuing to learn modern ‘Utagawa Style’ Ukiyo-e on his own. He has been active creating various artworks and holding both his individual and group exhibitions. 2007 Created Ukiyo-e for a movie ‘Miiyagino’ which featured Sharaku (1 of 4 Ukiyo-e Masters). 2010 Designed ‘Nihonbashi Karuta (Japanese alphabet card)’ as a part of Nihonbashi Renaissance 100 year Project. 2011 Designed ‘Salon Du Chocolat’ ltd edition box. 2013 Designed Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi' Japan Senses’ summer/fall. 2014 First solo exhibition ‘Fable of the Deepest World’ at Beams Gallery in Shinjuku. 2015 Became first Ukiyo-e Illustrator for UKIYO-E PROJECT and announced KISS Ukiyo-e. 2015 'Star Wars' Ukiyo-e . 2016 'KISS' Ukiyo-e. 2016 Ebizo Ichikawa 'Goemon ISHIKAWA'   (Television Tokyo). 2016 Grand Front Osaka '3 Year Anniversary'. 2016 Matsuya Onoe 'IDOMU vol. 8'. 2016 'Iron Maiden' Ukiyo-e. 2017 Matsuya Onoe 'IDOMU vol. 9'. 2017 Second solo exhibition 'Shin Sekai Kikou' at Beams Gallery in Shinjuku. 2017 'Hokusai and Japonisme Exhibition' Collab. 2018 ‘David Bowie’ Ukiyo-e.
“As an Illustrator and a fan of Ukiyo-e, I’m thrilled to be part of this amazing process of Japanese woodblock printing. I hope to contribute to this project by creating meaningful pieces and helping the Ukiyo-e industry pass down this incredible tradition to the next generation.”



Kazuo Watanabe

1945 Born in Ibaraki Prefecture
1960s Started training with Edo Woodblock Carver Hanbei Ookura. After 6 years, he became a professional Edo woodblock carver and been carving over 50 years. 1991 Demonstrated wood carving at JAPAN WEEK held in Essonne, France. 1992 Presented woodblock art at the exhibition during the Japanese Emperor Royal visit. 2010 Certified as the Edo Woodblock Traditional Craftsman. He is now one of the top Ukiyoe Woodblock carver and has expanded his skill to carve contemporary woodblock pieces as well. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry certified Edo Woodblock Traditional Craftsman. Ukiyo-e Woodblock Engravers Technique Preservation Association President.(The association has been certified to intangible cultural heritage selected conservation technology of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.)


Senrei Sekioka the Third (Yusuke Sekioka)

1957 Born in Tokyo, lives in Arakawa-ku
1976 Although he was born in the ‘hand printer’ family, his father Senrei the 2nd suggested for him to become a Woodcarver. Started training with the master Hanbei Ookura at the age of 19. 2013 Succeeded ‘Senrei the 3rd’ in October. For almost 40 years, he has been carving. He is one of the highest skilled woodcarvers in the world. Not only can he carve perfectly along the outlines but also supplements the lines that the original illustration had. He has worked on many classic Ukiyo-e and challenges himself to work on modern designs as well. He actively accepts disciples to pass on this amazing Japanese traditional technique.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 3.56.02 PM.png

Nami Sato

2006  Enters the world of Kyoki Prints
2007  Moves to Tokyo
Studied under Print Artist Yoshito Okuyama, and Woodcarver Yusuke Sekioka
Participated in the reprints such as Hokusai Katsushika's "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji"  2014  Moves to Nara



Hideo Yoshida

1939 Born in Ibaraki Prefecture
1954 Started training with Yoshiaki Watanabe (Kazuo’s father). Ever since then, he has been creating pieces with Mr. Watanabe as the Printer of Watanabe Mokuhan. The Agency for Cultural Affairs of the intangible cultural heritage selected conservation technology certified craftsman. 


Takuya Okada

Originally from Ibaraki, Okada is young printer in his 30's. He graduated from art school and has been working at his craft for the past 10 years, committed to leading a new generation of Ukiyo-e artists.

ito tatsuya.png

Tatsuya Ito

1965 Born in Nezu, Tokyo. 
1985 Succeed to Ikuma Familys Ito Tomorou IV, then worked under Master Ogawa Fumihiko for nearly 3 years. 
1986 Joined Tokyo Traditional Woodblock Print Association. 1988 Joined Ukiyo-e Woodblock Print Woodcarving Printing Technique Conservation Association. 1994 Enterered/presented artwork at 1st Ukiyo-e Woodblock Print Exhibition. 1995 Received an award for Tokyo Meister. 1998 "Hokusai Manga" printed 15 books (co-print), he gave presentation at Austria, Hungary, and France. 2004   Presented at "Hokusai Exhibition". 2005   Presented at "Hiroshima Exhibition" at Maison Franco-Japonaise (Paris).  2011  Presented and did a workshop at Australia's 4 cities (Sydney, Melbourne, etc.). 2012 Presented at Washington D.C. for "Sakura Tree Planting 100th Anniversary Event".  


Makoto Nakayama

1958 Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu
1982 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University Figurative Art Dept. Oil Painting major, becomes an apprentice at Sato Woodblock Studio under Master Printer Keizo Sato, and learns how to print   1989   Demonstrates printing of Ukiyo-e at Kyoto Seika University  1994 First time putting artwork on a show at Ukiyo-e Woodblock Print Works Exhibition (Tokyo・Kyoto)  1996 Taught woodcarving and printing at a woodblock print workshop at University of Art and Design Helsinki in Finland   2001 Participated as an assistant for Master Keizo Sato's demonstration in International Woodblock Print Meeting "Impact" (Finland) 2002 Participated in a woodblock print workshop as a lecturer in Copenhagen, Denmark   2003 Participated as an assistant to Master Keizo Sato and woodcarver Yo Fujisawa for a lecture and demonstration in Tallinn, Estonia   2016 Participated in a demonstration of woodblock printing among various Asian countries in South Korea

Creating Japanese art replica, ukiyo-e reprint, old woodblock print,  contemporary woodblock print, Japanese fan art, card, small things such as postcard, and many other woodblock print works. Also involved with demonstrations and workshops.